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Book Progress Report, Week 23, 24, and 25

18 May

It was a quiet couple of weeks on the book front. I finished up a first complete draft of my Media Refusal and Conspicuous Non-Consumption paper, and then got slammed with end of the semester grading. But now that summer is officially here I’m on a good work schedule (using the Pomodoro technique and dividing my day up into 5 tasks – book writing, reading new material, blogging and other writing, emails and other bureaucratic things, and future class prep, with book writing getting half of my total work time each day) and actually making progress on the manuscript. This week my book task has been to clean up the last few missing references in the Sexuality chapter. This has resulted in some additions to my reading list, so I’m thinking I can have this chapter totally put away (except for the introductory anecdote) by the end of next week at the latest.

My very rough plan for the summer is to spend late May/early June revising the Identity Politics chapter, late June/early July writing the Lifestylism chapter/conclusion, and the rest of the summer revising/writing the introduction and Methodology chapter, and researching/writing the anecdotes for each chapter introduction. My plan, which may be totally insane and unrealistic, is to have a complete draft by September so that I can get feedback on it before it goes to Continuum in December (note: accepting volunteers to read the manuscript in the fall).


Book Progress Report, Week 22

28 Apr

Have just been plugging along with the Media Refusal  and Conspicuous Non-Consumption manuscript this week, so not much new to report in the book realm. I did teach my “Constructing Anarchist Sexuality” article in my Queer Identity and Popular Culture course this week, so I had occasion to look back at the sexuality chapter draft I left hanging in mid-revision several weeks ago, and I felt pretty good about it. There are a couple places where I’d like to make brief references to some social theory to add context, but it’s not like I need to do anything radical to the chapter to make it readable or understandable.

The journal version of my consumption chapter finally went live last night, so that’s exciting. Other than that, not much new to report!

Book Progress Report, Weeks 19, 20, and 21

20 Apr

If my blog silence about book progress didn’t make it painfully obvious that I have made none in the past 3 weeks, well I dont know. I’ve been deep into my paper manuscript on media refusal (working title: Media Refusal and Conspicuous Non-Consumption: The Performative and Political Dimensions of Facebook Abstention). The end is in sight – I’m expecting to have the manuscript draft finished and submitted to a journal by the end of the semester (May 9th for those keeping track). After that it’s Lifestyle Politics and Radical Activism 24/7 all summer long. With a few breaks for blogging, of course.

Book Progress Report, Week 18

1 Apr

Did a few non-writing activities for the book this week. Found images to send to the cover designer, hoping they will make their way in some form onto the cover. Right now the idea is to have a cluster of pins/buttons with some common anarchist symbols that directly relate to the content of the book (poly anarchy, Food Not Bombs, bikeanarchy, etc).

On Thursday  got to see David Graeber speak at NYU. It was my first time seeing him speak, and I was really intrigued by his new argument, that we can think of whole cultures as successful social movements (see Nick Mirzoeff’s recap of the talk for more info). Within this work, Graeber is paying a lot of attention to the idea of refusal–e.g. what *don’t* cultures adopt as they develop–which is super relevant to my new project actually (the Media Refusal project – there was never a question that Graeber would be relevant to the Lifestyle Politics and Radical Activism project).

The Q&A period was slightly traumatic for me due to some sectarian shenanigans from some always lovely RCP types. I haven’t been to many anarchist events aside from Occupy things since doing my dissertation fieldwork, and I had forgotten how disturbing I find that kind of disruption. I can’t imagine having to face that sort of conflict on a regular basis, which is probably a central reason why I’ve chosen academic writing over other, perhaps more effective, forms of activism. It makes me nervous about presenting my anarchism work in public venues, though if we’re being realistic, my work will probably never attract enough attention to receive this kind of backlash. Probably also helps that I don’t explicitly identify as an anarchist. If I ever get rogue misogynists or homophobes in an audience though, I hope I can handle the conflict as gracefully as Graeber did.

Recognition I can’t put on my CV, sadly

31 Mar

As I noted on Twitter last weekend, I’m torn between honor and shame at having my SCMS presentation, “Quitters, Holdouts, and Suicides: Practices of Refusal Among (Non)Consumers of Social Media,” included in a list of the 41 “best” academic titles from the conference. I have a feeling that part of what got me there was my egregious violation of Academic Coach Taylor’s no parentheses rule. Oops.

Media Rejection @ SCMS12

21 Mar

Excited to hear the other papers on this rad panel, and finally debut the first stirrings of my Media Refusal project. If you’re at SCMS12, check us out at 11am Thursday (session F25)!