Book Progress Report, Week 29

20 Jun

I’m very happy to report that it took exactly a week’s worth of work to get the Identity chapter into the form of a complete draft, so I put that to bed on Friday! My plan now is to work on the final chapter which will serve three purposes: (1) introduce documentary evidence of the contestations over “lifestylism” within anarchist movements; (2) synthesize the previous 4 chapters’ contributions to understanding the strategic implications of lifestyle politics; and (3) conclude the book. I will probably work on the pieces out of order, tackling number 2 first because it’s the most straightforward. Then I’ll probably do number 1, then write the introduction chapter and methodology chapter/appendix (I think I will be butting up against my total word count pretty soon, so I’m thinking the methodology component is where length will be sacrificed), then come up with a brilliant conclusion for the whole thing. And of course somewhere in there I need a stroke of inspiration to hit for each of the chapter introductions, woof.


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