Book Progress Report, Week 17

25 Mar

As promised, no developments to report this week (and I’m even a few days late with this post, due to conference-ing in Boston). I’ve been devoting my attention to my newer research project this week (on media refusal) – investing the time to present it and get the first bits of it published now will hopefully pay off down the road. And hopefully I won’t kick myself down the road for taking this time away from the Lifestyle Politics manuscript writing.

I did have the opportunity to meet some very nice folks from Continuum (who is publishing Lifestyle Politics and Radical Activism) in the book room at SCMS (where I was presenting the media refusal work). So that was a small, nice moment!

I’ve also been doing some thinking about the cover art for the book, at the behest of one of the editors of the Contemporary Anarchist Studies series, in which the book is going to appear. I’ve got a few ideas up my sleeve – my plan for tonight is to get a mock-up sketched out at least. So I hope to be posting that next week!


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