Book Progress Report, Week 16

18 Mar

Once again, no progress on the book manuscript. I’m not worried (yet) since I am feeling confident in what I have so far and sort of built in this time I would be spending on other things into my writing plan.

I was hoping to submit a presentation to the NYC Anarchist Bookfair, but as it turns out I will already be presenting at a different conference that weekend. I think it’s ok – I’ll probably be doing a lot of presenting at that kind of thing once the book is actually out, so it’s good to save the material for next time.

Not strictly related to the book manuscript, but it’s heartwarming to see Occupy re-surging this weekend. I never thought #OWS had actually gone dormant (since I’ve been keeping up with it pretty constantly through social media and through friends), but I’m glad it’s getting back in the public eye. My current plan is to have each of the chapter introductions tie the content of the book to Occupy examples, to show how the theoretical insights of the book can be applied to fresh incarnations of activist tactics. So I need to keep an eye out for specific stories that best tie in with each chapter.

Alright, not expecting to report any progress next week either, but it’s good to keep checking in to keep up the habit.


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