Book Progress Report, Week 15

9 Mar

Zero tangible writing progress to report this week. I did plenty of writing, just not on the book manuscript.

I did visit my favorite local bookstore Book Thug Nation just now, to pick up a used copy of Emma Goldman’s Living My Life (I’m doing a little Twitter project with it). Even though the store is tiny, there’s always a great chance of finding books like this when you need them. As usual, I also found 5 other books that I’d either been casually looking for or will find useful for teaching in the future. The staff member who rang me up had some experience with the anarchist scenes in NY and Long Beach (my book selection exposed me as a researcher on the topic, so we started chatting). I said that I hadn’t gotten to know the scene in NYC too well yet. His measured response, “If I can offer you some advice… Don’t.”


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