Book Progress Report, Week 13

24 Feb

Lesson learned: never set an overly optimistic writing goal, particularly not around the 5th week of the semester. Ok, so it’s not like anything dire came of my not finishing the Sexuality chapter last Friday, but I like to think of myself as a realistic person who can meet self-imposed deadlines.

It’s a week and a half later and I’ve really only gotten as far as fixing the quick-fixes (substituting a new word here and there, correcting grammatical style issues, etc.). I’ve also gone through and marked all the other fixes that need to happen, using the comment function in Word. But I haven’t done any of the fixes that would require more than a few minutes engagement. Right now, I’ve got 35 fixes to make (yes, I’m anal and I counted), some minor (adding a citation) and some a little more major (engaging more deeply with a particular theorist). I’d like to say I’ll get all these done by next Friday, but 2 weeks is probably more realistic. Having this chapter done going into Spring Break would be good.


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