Book Progress Report, Week 11

10 Feb

I actually finished this chapter right when I planned to! This involved a few crises of confidence (“I need to read one million more things before I can be a credible expert on this subject”) which were fortunately followed by days of feeling like what I have already is just fine (“I’ve got great data, and I don’t have to say everything there could possibly be to say about this topic”). So I ended up in a good place with this chapter draft.

I’m following my pattern of bailing on the Lively Introductory Anecdote, and planning to come back to that later. I have this idea that I’m going to write all the chapter introductions together, after I get the whole book drafted, in the hope that this will lend unity and flow to the manuscript. I’m sure someone somewhere has put this forth as a viable book-writing strategy. I’m probably mostly just putting off the intros because I hate writing them, and will tear my hair out in several months when I have like 6 of them to write at once, but whatever.

Next up: the Sexuality chapter. The first step will be to look again at the reviewers’ comments about this one, and then figure out whether I need to gather a bit more data. I’ll also need to read over the dissertation version (which is actually more final than the article version in this case) and see if anything needs to be tweaked in light of the drafts of the other chapters I’ve produced in the past couple months. I’m thinking that this chapter will take 3 weeks tops, but I may need to re-evaluate that next week.


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