Book Progress Report, Week 10

3 Feb

This was a good week. Didn’t get a huge amount done, and starting to feel nervous about it being February already, but I still feel like I’m in good shape.

All I really did this week was to make it all the way through the Consumption chapter draft, figuring out what order things should go in, what should get cut, and what should be displaced into another chapter. That leaves me still to refine the second half of the draft – everything’s there, it just needs to be made into nice pasta now. I probably could have pushed myself to get that done this week, but I had the new semester to deal with, plus I’ve been putting in some time on my other current writing project (the media refusal stuff). I’m still on track to get this chapter drafted by next Friday, which was the original, realistic goal I set for myself. Gotta put in the time every day next week though.

As for the other chapters, I may have already established this, but I think the Sexuality one is going to come next since that is also pretty much drafted. I don’t know when exactly I’m going to get to the Lifestylism chapter. It’s the only one that doesn’t exist in draft form yet, but I do think that a lot of the other chapters will be cannibalized into this one (if the Consumption chapter is any indication). Right now I’m thinking this is the order I will work on everything:

Finish Consumption
Identity Politics

I’ll think about a more specific timeline next week!


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