Book Progress Report, Week 9

27 Jan

The goal for this week was to get the pieces of the Consumption chapter pasted in place and to figure out what holes still need to be filled. Yay for actually accomplishing this. After getting the content of the two pre-existing drafts combined into one document, I’ve been going through, section by section, and eliminating redundancies, polishing the writing, and fleshing out theoretical explanations where needed. It’s actually going very well, and I think I’m ending up with a really great document so far.

I decided to cut all of the literature review-y stuff – it felt really dissertation-y and a bit beside the point for understanding the content of the chapter. I re-pasted it into my notes for the Introduction chapter, so perhaps it will go there. Some of the historical context may also get worked into the Intro chapter later on, especially since that was one of the things the proposal readers asked for. I’ve got my conceptual framework of “anti-consumption” nicely explained, as well as the description of anarchist anti-consumption practices clearly presented. It’s almost insane to me that that description section is looking so good and clear and supported with data, as I think it was one of the hardest things for me to get a handle on throughout the writing process (dating back to my dissertation proposal even – my committee kept asking me, “but what do anarchists *do*?”).

Working on this chapter has really felt like putting the draft through a pasta-maker – mish-mashed stuff kind of comes in at one end of my writing sessions, and then comes out the other looking like pretty nice, polished paragraphs. It helps that the mish-mash was already pretty solid, having come from my final dissertation draft and a final journal article draft. I’ve still got two more major sections to finish running through the pasta-maker, so that should keep me busy for at least another week.


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