Book Progress Report, Week 8

20 Jan

This was a better week. Not that I got much of anything done, but I did have a little confidence rebound, after re-reading my Sexualities article (I’m assigning it in a class) and meeting with my new writing group. They read my Style chapter draft and gave me some great feedback. Mostly small things to help with the framing. They also had some good questions about the overall project that reminded me of things I need to stay conscious of as I’m writing, like “what’s my academic intervention here?” and “who is the audience for this?” Not that I haven’t been thinking of these things, but I’m sure it would be helpful to make sure the answers are clear from the writing itself instead of just being in my head.

My other small accomplishment was reading through the two existing drafts of my Consumption chapter (one a diss chapter, and one a journal article) and sketching out a skeleton framework for the book draft of that chapter. Then I went back through the two drafts and assigned each paragraph to a section of the book chapter. The next step (which I should do this weekend) will be to cut and paste things into the right order. It’s going to get really messy before it gets neat again.

I’ve been thinking a lot about writing style this past week, both from reading Get A Life, PhD and from reading some well- and not-so-well-written books for my Queer Theory course. It’s made me realize that I really need to get a draft of this book in place well before the manuscript is due so I have time to go back through and revise for style. This summer is going to be intense.

So, to recap, my goal for next Friday will be to get a working draft in place for the Consumption chapter and to fill in my skeleton with some more specific outlining so I can identify what (small) holes need to be filled. I think three weeks is a reasonable deadline for getting this chapter to a done-ish state


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