Book Progress Report, Week 7

13 Jan

Ugh. I read the dissertation draft of the next chapter I was thinking about working on for the book and quickly realized it would take much more sustained attention than I am prepared to give it right now. So it might have to go on the shelf until the summer. It’s a very theoretically dense chapter (or should be)  and it was one of those awful moments that brings on a bout of academic imposter syndrome. But I think when I do go back to it, if I just keep the Hemingway principle in mind (“write one true thing”) and build from there, it will be ok.

I think my next step , in light of this, will be to deal with the two chapters that have already been published as journal articles, just making the necessary changes to the manuscripts so they can be integrated into the book draft. Should probably also start looking into copyright permissions, hmmm. So for next week, my plan is to compare the two versions of the “consumption chapter” I have and figure out what needs to be done.

I did join a writing group which is meeting for the first time next week, and sent around the chapter I finished a couple week ago. I will probably take notes on what people say about it and tuck that away until I am ready to put together the final draft of the book before it goes to the publisher/reviewers. So hopefully I don’t get tons of feedback that is like “this makes no sense.”


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