Book Progress Report, Week 5

29 Dec

Checking in a day early to report that I’m putting the Style chapter to bed. I only have one paragraph of the introduction to the chapter written, but I hate writing intros and I figure since I have 11 more months to work on this one, it would be better to wait for inspiration to hit rather than forcing something crappy out of myself today.

I think the next step will be to re-read the two chapters (Sexuality and Identity Politics) that come after this one in my dissertation and assess what needs to be done to them for the book. I’m hoping it will turn out not to be much. One of those chapters was one of the samples I sent out with the book proposal, and as I recall the reviewers’ comments were largely positive with just a few minor suggestions (gotta go back and check those, obviously). I think it will mostly be a matter of figuring out what needs to be rearranged/highlighted in light of the chapter I’ve just revised and the unwritten chapter which will come after those two (Lifestylism).

I can’t decide right now if I should keep on with the momentum I have right now, or put the book manuscript aside for a little bit and work on an unrelated article-length project on “media refusal” I have going. In the interest of having something for my progress report next week, I’ll at least try to read over those two chapters and think about them a bit. Going to take the weekend off for New Year’s though!


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