Book Progress Report, Week 4

23 Dec

Perhaps predictably, I did not finish the Style chapter draft before finals grading began this week. And so, my goal of getting this chapter out of my hair “by the end of the semester” is going out the window. The new goal is to finish it before NYE weekend so I can take an actual, multiple-day holiday break before I need to start prepping hard-core for Spring classes.

I did manage to polish off the “Style as Tactical Critique” section last weekend, and made some headway on the “Style as Political Communication” section on the plane ride home. As I’m looking at it now though, I’m realizing that this section is 8 pages long, which seems like a lot (the other sections I’ve been tweaking are more like 4). So even though I just have this, and the largely done “Style as Commodity” section, plus intro and conclusion polish, there’s a lot to do.

I can do it though! Hoping to report a big “DONE” next Friday.


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