Book Progress Report – Week 2

9 Dec

established/solidified broad structure for Style chapter, having done that, went back through organized interview data related to style, integrated some more quotes that weren’t in the most recent draft

wishing i had better thematized notes on the primary sources i read – whereas i have a file that has all the interview data related to style in one place, i dont have one that has all the book/website data on style in one place, not even sure all my reading notes are centralized to where i can go to a folder and say, ok these are all my primary sources on anarchism (something to keep in mind for the next book)

integrated notes into my chapter draft, from a bunch of readings. i think the only major thing i still need to integrate is the Goffman. still need to read Stigma, and finish Presentation of Self in Everyday Life.

as i’ve been working on this chapter, i’ve made note-taking pages in a moleskine with passing ideas for the other chapters which hopefully i’ll remember to look at, when i get to those other chapters. i don’t really have a long-range plan of action for the order in which i’ll tackle the remainder of the chapters, though I probably should. all i think i know for sure is that the methodology chapter should be the last one i do because it’s the one i’m most looking forward to working on.

read some queer geography, which i’m sad to say i found really boring. i dont know how you make queer studies boring, but geographers have figured out a way.

wrote the second half of the intro to the style chapter. which basically involved restating things i’ve written several times before, but hopefully in a more straightforward, more polished way this time? I’ve got several more sections to re-write/polish. the goal is to have this chapter in finished-ish form by the end of this semester. which means that hopefully next friday I will report much more writing.


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