Lifestyle Politics and Radical Activism: A progress report on my book

27 Nov

My book manuscript is officially due to the publisher one year from Thursday. I am hereby making a resolution to keep a weekly progress report from now until then, if only just to have a record of the long-term work that goes into finishing a book manuscript. Of course lots of work has already been done. One of the chapters was significantly fleshed out in spring and summer of 2009 when it was accepted for publication as “Constructing Anarchist Sexuality: Queer Identity, Politics, and Culture in the Anarchist Movement” in Sexualities. I spent the spring of 2010 significantly revising my dissertation manuscript (my defense was in December 2009) based on feedback from my committee. The dissertation was completed in May of 2010. I spent autumn of 2010 reworking another chapter, which I submitted to the Journal of Consumer Culture in early 2011, and which received a revise and resubmit in September 2011. I spent another month revising it and resubmitted it in October – it will appear in an upcoming issue as “Anti-Consumption as Tactical Resistance: Anarchists, Subculture, and Activist Strategy.” My other focus this fall has been a third chapter, which I presented at the American Studies Association conference in October. I’m hoping to have a good draft of that chapter done by the end of the semester. A lot remains to be done between now and next December. I’m hoping weekly progress reports will serve the double function of documenting the process and keeping me on track!


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